Exist With Style And Practicality - Louis Vuitton Damier Wallet

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Being a first time shopper for Louis Vuitton Damier wallet can be very tricky. Many imitations in the market come with the Louis Vuitton signature and unless you are very observant, you may well not notice any irregularity. Many fakes try to ride on LV popularity thus compromising on quality making it difficult for one to tell the difference between a fake and an authentic product. There are some outlets and online sites that sell fakes knowingly and these are very active in their marketing campaigns.

 Contrary to popular belief, pricing does not reflect on the quality of a product and fakes capitalize on this consumer thought to fleece them of their hard-earned cash. All Louis Vuitton wallets come in smooth and lush leather or suede compared for the rough vinyl or plastic from fakes. The serial codes in LV products are unique and can be traced to the manufacturer.

 The stitching and patters of Vuitton are handcrafted in all pieces and the spacing with the LV mark boxes spaced between similar number of squares and pieces to give it a unique sequential pattern. These squares are differentiated by the intensity of dark and light tans, which are mot easily scratched.

 Neither there are nor are clearance sales for Louis Vuitton Damier wallets and those online shops that run these promotions only trying to woo shoppers to their fake products. Be very careful when buying your product online since you do not get the opportunity to intact and experience the item. Fakes usually ride on LV popularity to make sales and their product availability is consistent.

 If your wallet comes with minute hardware, they must be made of silver, gold or brass and come with LV carvings. If it is possible, use a magnifying glass and you will be able to tell their authenticity. This may possibly not be a foolproof method as some fakes are fantastic in detail, but it can save you a lot of your money.

 The leather used oxidizes with time to the dark honey color and if it is usually a vintage at the time you purchase, the leather should already have oxidized. When new, the wallet leather is white and the inner reddish but the color changes and if it does not, then it must be fake. Original leather takes a few weeks before it starts darkening.

 The tags used by Vuitton during packaging are attached with leather and do not include bar codes or prices as is the case with fakes and the country of origin must should be clearly indicated; fakes tend to include cities instead of countries like made in Paris instead of France and do not come with date codes.

 The finishing of original wallet is usually seamless while the counterfeits peel and crack since they may be constructed using cheap plastic or vinyl. Once they may be exposed to heat, they do not tan as with the case of pure leather. Testing for authenticity using a lighter is the easiest way to tell the fakes from genuine a Louis Vuitton Damier Wallet.

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